Pharmacological Management

Depending on your acute or chronic pain condition, several types of management or treatment strategies are available to provide you with the pain relief and quality of life you deserve.  Ranging from pain medications to interventional procedures, medical pain management treatments may not eradicate all of your pain, but instead reduce your pain to a tolerable level where it doesn’t interfere with your functional daily activities.  Specifically, pharmacologic pain management focuses on the administration of prescription (Rx) or over-the-counter (OTC) medications to alleviate your pain symptoms.  During the evaluation period, your physician may decide whether a pharmacologic pain management plan will be effective in treating your condition and the severity of your pain. If medically necessary drug treatment is prescribed, your physician may choose to administer, prescribe, or recommend various types.

Type of Medications Common Applications
Narcotics (Opioids)/Analgesics  Usually short-term acute pain control; Often used for cancer-related pain.
Muscle Relaxants Relieve muscle spasms and cramping; sometimes helps with sleep disturbances.
Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) Reduce musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.
Corticosteroids Relieves inflammation and pain.
Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs) Can improve chronic pain, mood, and fatigue.

Some of the medications listed above may be used in combination, while others cannot be combined. Our physician will advise you on what treatment option is best for you. Whether your medication is prescribed or over-the-counter, there are risks such as potential side effects or drug to drug interactions, and/or possible drug dependency and addiction.  Be sure to tell us your drug allergies, current medications, and the use of vitamins or herbal supplements.  Also, you will need to include your medical history and your family’s medical history.  Pharmacologic pain management may just be the treatment that works best for your acute or chronic pain condition.  The specialist at our medical facility will assist you along your journey to pain relief and a better quality of life.

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After going to many doctors without help, I feel Dr. Huang gave me a thorough work-up.
The epidurals seem to help me the most. Thank you!

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