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What are the most common causes of LBP (low back pain)?

Muscle strain, ligamentous sprain, nerve root irritation or neuropathy, disc protrusions/ herniations/ annular tears, facet arthritis.

True or False? Do most LBP improve within 4 weeks?

True. If your pain still persists after 4 weeks, then you should definitely seek a pain specialist, if you have not already.

What activities should I avoid if I have a disc protrusion or herniations?

Avoid forward-bending and twisting activities.

What is EMG?

EMG stands for electromyography. This test also includes nerve conduction velocity study (NCVS). Together, nerve or muscle problems can be detected and/or localized.

Why do I need to start physical therapy when I am already so physically active at work?

What you do at work does not count since it is not dedicated exercises to target specific muscle groups. You may also potentially re-aggravate your painful condition.

I have Fibromyalgia? Am I disabled?

Most of the time, people with Fibromyalgia can significantly improve and still live an active lifestyle.

Why is my sleep habit so important?

Sleep problems/ disorders correlate with higher pain levels.

Why does my pain medication (opioid) seem to be less effective now?

Your body will commonly develop a “tolerance” to Opioid type of pain medications. Pain receptors can become desensitized so that more and more of these medications will be needed to maintain the same level of pain control. However, the higher amount of drugs will lead to higher risks and adverse drug effects. That is why other type of pain medications and/or interventional procedures are commonly used to optimize pain control.

Isn’t an epidural just for pregnant women?

No. Epidurals with steroids are commonly used to treat many painful conditions.

I am not depressed. Why am I prescribed an antidepressant?

Certain types of antidepressant medications have norepinephrine activity which has been shown to decrease pain levels. You are not necessarily being treated for depression.

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After going to many doctors without help, I feel Dr. Huang gave me a thorough work-up.
The epidurals seem to help me the most. Thank you!

Joe DeCampo